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Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops became popular, and oftentimes are still popular, because they are inexpensive and easy to obtain, custom ordered or not. But if you aren’t careful, you might get just what you asked for, a plain piece of glass to sit on top of your table base.

Take a little time to do your research before you order a glass table top. Some of the key items to think about are the edging detail and the actual color of the glass. Most places will offer a simple bevel as your edging and include it with the price. Make sure they show you all the different options. Maybe you would prefer a completely rounded edge (as the owner of this glass table top did in the photo).

Paired with unusually thick glass, this gave the table the modern touch needed to keep it from looking dated. The final touch was making sure the glass was actually clear. Most glass comes with a green tint to it, inherent in the material.

Most places have the technology to offer clear glass. Granted, these options do cost extra money, but it could mean the difference between having a fine table or having a great table.

Posted By Michael
March 17th, 2015