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Finding The Perfect Piece

Don’t buy it just because you love it. Maybe you have a lot of money and can afford to buy all the things that move you on a personal level. Most of us don’t. And it pays to be patient.

Here you see a fairly large wall, in a fairly bold color. It presents a decorating conundrum. We left this wall blank for many many months before we found this piece of art made by the hands of Brazilian women, at a cooperative and progressive organization in their home country.

The unfinished wood brought warmth to the room that had previously been missing. The open areas in the piece make it lighter than it appears (much lighter!) and has an openness to it that allows it to take up more than its share of physical space. The wire and metal from which the roses are made speak of the strength it takes to move forward in the world when the odds are stacked against you.

Its quite perfect, and had we put up any of the other pieces we saw in the preceding months, we would have been sad indeed.

Posted By Michael
March 17th, 2015